Longest Prison Sentences & Mysterious Videos

Top 10 Longest Prison Sentences

Going to Prison, can be a very life altering Change. Especially when there’s a very zealous justice system and privately held prisons, but on the other hand some people do deserve longest prison sentence-ModernWhiz video on Top 10 Longest Prison Sentences highlights that!

Brief overview: The first prison sentence starts at 800+ years, and the numbers just keep climbing from there!

next on the list 8 Mysterious Videos That Cannot Be Explained – Just in time for Halloween!

This video by far is one of the most creepiest compilations I’ve ever seen! I’m deeply disturb by this!
Let me give you a little teaser on these Mysterious videos

The first video starts of with the Wingate Hotel. Now I don’t know how legit this video is but, it is surely scary! In the beginning you can hear screams as one of the hotel staff enters the room, not sure if he heard that but, it is said disembodied voice can only be heard on recorders or video playback. Once he enters the room a ghostly figure is seen walking out of the room! As he comes out, you can hear the fear and distress in his voice as he talks to the headquarters operator. He goes on to say that, “the Furniture in the room has been turn upside down”-Now this is a evidence of a demonic haunting! This is truly scary!

I recommend watching the whole video!

Trap Vs TrapStep(Trap And Bass, Chill Trap) – Whats the difference.

It’s seems Everyday more and more youtube channels dedicated to music pop-up, especially when it comes to trap music! Such channel as Trapcity, Trap and bass Dediated to Trap and sub/cross-genres of Trap, with the rise of EDM and trap its no wonder these channels have been popping off.

So lets back it up a bit, I feel like the word “Trap” has been hijacked by the EDM crowd. Now I’m not hating, But instead of using Trap use “TrapStep”. Now it just irritates me when i see youtube channels or viral facebook posts use the word “Trap” and I’m expecting something like Gucci Mane type instrumental or something inspired by Music Producer Lex Luger. Instead we get something like generic Trap drum loop with EDM Drops-and Those EDM Chord Prgoression. You know those happy chord progression which goes agaisnt the original roots of trap, Trap music is suppose to very melodic almost “sad-type-melodic” sound. Now like i said I don’t hate this type of music, I think its one of the most creative things ever done, to trap. For example:

G Jones & Ekali – Dark Matter

Now this type of music has that very Iconic Trap Sounding Drums, very slow, 808-bass kicks hitting just right, with a really Melodic EDM inspired Melody and then the Chord progression in the background to complement everything. Now that’s Really Dope, Everything about is just right. I Would consider this TrapStep.

the on the other hand you have something like
“So Icey” || Gucci Mane Type Beat by Experbeats.com

Now this one one sticks more to the original roots of trap. First We have the sprinkler hi-hats, slamming 808-Drums, 1-Finger Melody, Brass with toms hits layered in, and the piano-organ roll which was very popular in 2011-2012. This type of trap instrumental has that new sound in it.

Now I Consider “trapstep” word to be an all encompassing word anything thats EDM with Trap influence. Anyways we also have sub-genres of TrapStep such as Trap and Bass (Which is like a twin to Drum and Bass, now im not saying they are the same, but both genres focus more on the drums than anything else), Chill Trap + liquid Trap-which sounds like Drake styles-beats, without drake lol.

Anyways I’m out. Lastly I leave you with a motivational rap instrumental

Deadly roller coaster accidents

Do you love the rush, and thrill of roll-coasters? have you ever thought for a moment, “Wait what if something goes wrong?” I’ve had that feeling the first time I rode on a roller-coaster, but as I rode more and more roller-coasters, the fears subsided. Until yesterday night while browsing youtube I saw this video called “10 Deadly Roller Coaster Accidents” – by ModernWhiz.com

As I watched the video my fears slowly crept up my spine. I Was now questioning every roller-coaster I’ve ever rode. Constantly “asking and replaying” what-if scenarios in my mind. Rollers-coaster are the steeple of any amusement parks, synonymous with the Disney amusement parks, but now I think of them as death traps.

Here are my top 5 deadly roller coaster accidents from the video!!

With the increasing technology, amusement parks are now pushing the limits of these rides, to further heights(not as in altitude). New rides are reported to Generate G-Forces up 5gs, thats 5 times your normal weight! and some of these rides are reach higher speeds than 100MPH! As these rides Tend to get more and more crazy-ier, will the safety be up to par with the speed limits and g-force?? If you ask me this top 10 list will need re-ordering within the next decade or so! Eh. I’m just causing fear mongering now, Most of these roller-coasters are safe to ride, especially with the increase of the technology in recent years! 🙂

Do you have a fear of roller coasters? Comment, below or email me!

How to make money selling Drugs by Mathew Cooke

  • Eminem, 50 Cent, Susan Sarandon, and other guest celebrities.
  • Release Date: Jun 26, 2013
  • Director: Mathew Cooke
  • Disclaimer: We do not condone selling drugs or an illegal substance. The documentary I’m about to review is largely satirical. Please do not try at home.

Watch How to Make Money Selling Drugs On Amazon.

I hope Ya’ll know this Film is purely Satirical, meaning it’s not really an actually guide for actually getting started in the drug trade. Just FYI!!! -me

Welcome to the world of the drug trade! This documentary is one of the more interesting ViDoCs Ive seen and Also Inspiring. Wait…I mean inspiring as in how some of these dealers overcame a lot of obstacles. From nothing to Millions, from the bottom to the top. A lot of them got what they wanted but at the cost of their freedom. The Life of the drug trade can be very un-predictable. But at the end of the Day it’s all Business.

Are you unemployed or stuck at a dead end job? Are you homeless or living in a neighborhood? Did the American dream break its promise to you?

One the more inspiring and depressing stories comes from 50 Cent Himself! Unfortunately his early life was very difficult. His mother had been murdered when his was 8 years old. In his early teens he had to fend for himself, by selling narcotics.
That’s the incredible thing about selling drugs. When there’s nothing else, drugs can be a way to earn a living. But the question is the reward worth the risk? Some may say yes other may say no.

One of the interviewee’s whose name is “Pepe” Makes the point of; if he was offered 100k to be jail for 5 years, He would of gladly choose that option. Versus working for 10years and not even seeing 20k in your bank account.

This documentary highlight the life of drug trade from the very top to the Very bottom.

At bottom you have dealers AKA Pawns. You can expect to make anywhere from 100 to 1000’s within a day. Domestic Distributors these guys are responsible for distributing drugs to local gangs. They make anywhere from 100,000’s to millions within a month. It also depends on their location location location….Up the ladder you have Kingpins, these guys make millions per day. Next you have the International Smugglers, these guys make roughly around the same as a king ping. And the final level; Are the drug lord aka manufactures these guys are the true masters of the game. They make an estimated Billions of dollars every year.

Overall this Documentary highlights so many things wrong with the drug war along with the winners and losers of this war. This is one of the best documentaries to watch for in-depth look into the drug war.

Creatine and its effects.

So what is creatine?

Creatine is one of supplements that actually work!

Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that is produced in the liver, and it supplies muscles with energy. It is made up of 3 amino acids compounds

compounds found in Creatine:

Now creatine is found in most red meats, as is a naturally occurring chemical in the human body. Now creatine increase ATP within your muscle. The way this is achieved is by Converting ADP to ATP. Now ADP happens when you workout out or do extraneous exercises. Since your muscles have been saturated with creatine supplementation ADP converts back to ATP which leads to extra energy levels, Less fatigue overall.

To Sum it up; It helps you get stronger.

Now does this Come in with any side effects?

The only side effects seen on creatine is Dehydration, bloating. but just to be on the safe side you should consult your doctor first is you are unsure or have had any serious medical conditions within the last year or so.

Overall studies point that creatine is “Safe”

What are the benefits of creatine?

Well is you are lacking creatine chemical in your body, you will notice strength gains, less fatigue, some studies also suggest that your mental strength is increase. Mental strength being more focus.
In short:

  • Strength Gains
  • Less Fatigue
  • More Mental Strength

Now there is alot of creatine brands/products out there and so many products to choose from? Well According to amazon one the most popular one optimum creatine.

now couple of days ago this pop up on my twitter feed

Judging by its article: Creatine Optimum Nutrition review Overall its a Excellent product, and also the evidence provide by the article is quite interesting! Especially where its compared to steroid! now the second article also had interesting take on Cycling. Read more about cycling via Muscle Advance Creatine Monohydrate Review

SupplementNinjas.net Overall it was giving a 4.5/5 Stars Meanwhile at Amazon over 80% reviews are 4 stars or higher on amazon.

Here some Alternative Products – The list below contains products with generally favorable reviews.

MET-Rx Creatine – MET-Rx Creatine Powder, 400 gram

Musclepharm Creatine – Musclepharm Creatine, 60 servings,300 Gram

MuscleTech Platinum – MuscleTech Platinum 100% Creatine, Ultra-Pure Micronized Creatine Powder, 80 Servings, 0.88 lbs (400g)


more coming sooon

How fitness saved me.

I used to be somewhat obese. Well Overweight to be technical, but i was close to that obese level. The hardest thing about working out was the mindset. The Mindset was so negative because i was not able to complete most of my sets. It was detrimental to say the least. Over time i was able to overcome it, and slowly but surely the weight started melting off.

I lost most of my weight over a 1.5 year period. I was close to being diabetic. I Was drinking sodas almost everyday. Candy too. I think overall my diet consist of nothing but sweets, sodas, candy, all carbohydrates and near 0% protien. This spelt disaster. I had alot of visceral fat. Visceral fat is the dangerous kind, its the one that slowly poisons the internal organs.

I did not have any gym membership because i was too scared to go out to the public gym. I Was afraid of what people might think about me. What is this obese person doing in the huffing and puffing in the gym. Yes i was that scared. So anyways.

since i was somewhat fat i cut down my calorie intake by 70%. Estimated Calorie intake 3700. I was only taking in about 1110 Calories. BUt that was such a mistake. i gained back some of the weight i had originally lost. instead of cutting those calories by that much. I tried 1700-2100. That was the sweet spot.

Counting calories is so tiring…

Anyways i also changed up my marcos i did the 50% protien 25% carbs 25% fats. This worked out very very well.

First 6 months i was able to lose about 45 pounds, but then after that it seemed to slow down drastically.

Most of my work outs were done right here at home. All i had was

  • Pull-up bar
  • 25-35 LB dumbell
  • Resistance bands
  • and 45 Mins everyday

Workout Routine:
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: cardio
Wed: Legs
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Cardio

First post nice title.

Whats up everybody, Welcome to theresponsinator.com This is my First website, that I’ve created with wordpress. Im going to invest alot of time into my personal blog. I just want to give a shout out to anybody who stumbled on my site! make sure you follow me twitter. It gives me such enjoyment to write down my thoughts on anything and everything. One of my personal favorite things to do is write about anything fitness related from Dwayne Rock Johnson’s workout to the latest supplements on the net.

by the way Heres a video of the rock working out early last year.

his workouts are inspirational, it makes me want workout too. Im to fat now. By the way Leg day is the worst.