Deadly roller coaster accidents

Do you love the rush, and thrill of roll-coasters? have you ever thought for a moment, “Wait what if something goes wrong?” I’ve had that feeling the first time I rode on a roller-coaster, but as I rode more and more roller-coasters, the fears subsided. Until yesterday night while browsing youtube I saw this video called “10 Deadly Roller Coaster Accidents” – by

As I watched the video my fears slowly crept up my spine. I Was now questioning every roller-coaster I’ve ever rode. Constantly “asking and replaying” what-if scenarios in my mind. Rollers-coaster are the steeple of any amusement parks, synonymous with the Disney amusement parks, but now I think of them as death traps.

Here are my top 5 deadly roller coaster accidents from the video!!

With the increasing technology, amusement parks are now pushing the limits of these rides, to further heights(not as in altitude). New rides are reported to Generate G-Forces up 5gs, thats 5 times your normal weight! and some of these rides are reach higher speeds than 100MPH! As these rides Tend to get more and more crazy-ier, will the safety be up to par with the speed limits and g-force?? If you ask me this top 10 list will need re-ordering within the next decade or so! Eh. I’m just causing fear mongering now, Most of these roller-coasters are safe to ride, especially with the increase of the technology in recent years! 🙂

Do you have a fear of roller coasters? Comment, below or email me!