How fitness saved me.

I used to be somewhat obese. Well Overweight to be technical, but i was close to that obese level. The hardest thing about working out was the mindset. The Mindset was so negative because i was not able to complete most of my sets. It was detrimental to say the least. Over time i was able to overcome it, and slowly but surely the weight started melting off.

I lost most of my weight over a 1.5 year period. I was close to being diabetic. I Was drinking sodas almost everyday. Candy too. I think overall my diet consist of nothing but sweets, sodas, candy, all carbohydrates and near 0% protien. This spelt disaster. I had alot of visceral fat. Visceral fat is the dangerous kind, its the one that slowly poisons the internal organs.

I did not have any gym membership because i was too scared to go out to the public gym. I Was afraid of what people might think about me. What is this obese person doing in the huffing and puffing in the gym. Yes i was that scared. So anyways.

since i was somewhat fat i cut down my calorie intake by 70%. Estimated Calorie intake 3700. I was only taking in about 1110 Calories. BUt that was such a mistake. i gained back some of the weight i had originally lost. instead of cutting those calories by that much. I tried 1700-2100. That was the sweet spot.

Counting calories is so tiring…

Anyways i also changed up my marcos i did the 50% protien 25% carbs 25% fats. This worked out very very well.

First 6 months i was able to lose about 45 pounds, but then after that it seemed to slow down drastically.

Most of my work outs were done right here at home. All i had was

  • Pull-up bar
  • 25-35 LB dumbell
  • Resistance bands
  • and 45 Mins everyday

Workout Routine:
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: cardio
Wed: Legs
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Cardio