How to make money selling Drugs by Mathew Cooke

  • Eminem, 50 Cent, Susan Sarandon, and other guest celebrities.
  • Release Date: Jun 26, 2013
  • Director: Mathew Cooke
  • Disclaimer: We do not condone selling drugs or an illegal substance. The documentary I’m about to review is largely satirical. Please do not try at home.

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I hope Ya’ll know this Film is purely Satirical, meaning it’s not really an actually guide for actually getting started in the drug trade. Just FYI!!! -me

Welcome to the world of the drug trade! This documentary is one of the more interesting ViDoCs Ive seen and Also Inspiring. Wait…I mean inspiring as in how some of these dealers overcame a lot of obstacles. From nothing to Millions, from the bottom to the top. A lot of them got what they wanted but at the cost of their freedom. The Life of the drug trade can be very un-predictable. But at the end of the Day it’s all Business.

Are you unemployed or stuck at a dead end job? Are you homeless or living in a neighborhood? Did the American dream break its promise to you?

One the more inspiring and depressing stories comes from 50 Cent Himself! Unfortunately his early life was very difficult. His mother had been murdered when his was 8 years old. In his early teens he had to fend for himself, by selling narcotics.
That’s the incredible thing about selling drugs. When there’s nothing else, drugs can be a way to earn a living. But the question is the reward worth the risk? Some may say yes other may say no.

One of the interviewee’s whose name is “Pepe” Makes the point of; if he was offered 100k to be jail for 5 years, He would of gladly choose that option. Versus working for 10years and not even seeing 20k in your bank account.

This documentary highlight the life of drug trade from the very top to the Very bottom.

At bottom you have dealers AKA Pawns. You can expect to make anywhere from 100 to 1000’s within a day. Domestic Distributors these guys are responsible for distributing drugs to local gangs. They make anywhere from 100,000’s to millions within a month. It also depends on their location location location….Up the ladder you have Kingpins, these guys make millions per day. Next you have the International Smugglers, these guys make roughly around the same as a king ping. And the final level; Are the drug lord aka manufactures these guys are the true masters of the game. They make an estimated Billions of dollars every year.

Overall this Documentary highlights so many things wrong with the drug war along with the winners and losers of this war. This is one of the best documentaries to watch for in-depth look into the drug war.