Longest Prison Sentences & Mysterious Videos

Top 10 Longest Prison Sentences

Going to Prison, can be a very life altering Change. Especially when there’s a very zealous justice system and privately held prisons, but on the other hand some people do deserve longest prison sentence-ModernWhiz video on Top 10 Longest Prison Sentences highlights that!

Brief overview: The first prison sentence starts at 800+ years, and the numbers just keep climbing from there!

next on the list 8 Mysterious Videos That Cannot Be Explained – Just in time for Halloween!

This video by far is one of the most creepiest compilations I’ve ever seen! I’m deeply disturb by this!
Let me give you a little teaser on these Mysterious videos

The first video starts of with the Wingate Hotel. Now I don’t know how legit this video is but, it is surely scary! In the beginning you can hear screams as one of the hotel staff enters the room, not sure if he heard that but, it is said disembodied voice can only be heard on recorders or video playback. Once he enters the room a ghostly figure is seen walking out of the room! As he comes out, you can hear the fear and distress in his voice as he talks to the headquarters operator. He goes on to say that, “the Furniture in the room has been turn upside down”-Now this is a evidence of a demonic haunting! This is truly scary!

I recommend watching the whole video!