Trap Vs TrapStep(Trap And Bass, Chill Trap) – Whats the difference.

It’s seems Everyday more and more youtube channels dedicated to music pop-up, especially when it comes to trap music! Such channel as Trapcity, Trap and bass Dediated to Trap and sub/cross-genres of Trap, with the rise of EDM and trap its no wonder these channels have been popping off.

So lets back it up a bit, I feel like the word “Trap” has been hijacked by the EDM crowd. Now I’m not hating, But instead of using Trap use “TrapStep”. Now it just irritates me when i see youtube channels or viral facebook posts use the word “Trap” and I’m expecting something like Gucci Mane type instrumental or something inspired by Music Producer Lex Luger. Instead we get something like generic Trap drum loop with EDM Drops-and Those EDM Chord Prgoression. You know those happy chord progression which goes agaisnt the original roots of trap, Trap music is suppose to very melodic almost “sad-type-melodic” sound. Now like i said I don’t hate this type of music, I think its one of the most creative things ever done, to trap. For example:

G Jones & Ekali – Dark Matter

Now this type of music has that very Iconic Trap Sounding Drums, very slow, 808-bass kicks hitting just right, with a really Melodic EDM inspired Melody and then the Chord progression in the background to complement everything. Now that’s Really Dope, Everything about is just right. I Would consider this TrapStep.

the on the other hand you have something like
“So Icey” || Gucci Mane Type Beat by

Now this one one sticks more to the original roots of trap. First We have the sprinkler hi-hats, slamming 808-Drums, 1-Finger Melody, Brass with toms hits layered in, and the piano-organ roll which was very popular in 2011-2012. This type of trap instrumental has that new sound in it.

Now I Consider “trapstep” word to be an all encompassing word anything thats EDM with Trap influence. Anyways we also have sub-genres of TrapStep such as Trap and Bass (Which is like a twin to Drum and Bass, now im not saying they are the same, but both genres focus more on the drums than anything else), Chill Trap + liquid Trap-which sounds like Drake styles-beats, without drake lol.

Anyways I’m out. Lastly I leave you with a motivational rap instrumental